Exploring the game-changing potential of intents in crypto, from use-cases to design principle.

INTENT.WTF is a one-day conference where the intent space's brightest minds converge, with the focus on:
  • Exploring the diverse applications, benefits, and real-world use-cases of intents.
  • Delving into the intricate designs and implementations of intent architectures.
  • Unpacking the far-reaching implications of intent technology on account abstraction, storage proofs, and rollups.

Initiated by Particle Network, INTENT.WTF delves into how intents are transforming user experiences, transaction efficiency and design princples in crypto.

Join us to hear top companies in the intent space share their groundbreaking projects!


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Why are we organising intent.wtf?

"Intents" are catalyzing a transformative shift in Ethereum, streamlining user interactions. Instead of laboriously specifying every transaction detail, intents pivot toward desired outcomes, empowering users to entrust transaction creation to third parties while retaining ultimate control.

This novel approach elevates the user experience and efficiency. Intents can amalgamate multiple constraints within a solitary transaction, optimizing gas utilization and unlocking inventive possibilities such as cross-domain intents and gas sponsorship.

Nonetheless, comprehending the key players, their motivations, and the execution mechanisms is pivotal to fully grasp the profound impact of intent-based systems within the Ethereum ecosystem. As a burgeoning sector, we aspire to convene the brightest minds in the realm of intents to deliberate the prerequisites for building and nurturing products in this dynamic space.

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About the Organisers

Particle Network is a Web3 infrastructure project. Its primary offerings include zkWaaS (Zero-Knowledge Proof Wallet as a Service) and the Intent Fusion Protocol. Its focus is on elevating user experiences within decentralized applications (dApps) through the implementation of secure, non-custodial social login features. By creating an Intent-Centric Modular Access Layer for Web3, Particle Network is committed to accelerate the transformation of Web3 and pave the way for mass adoption.